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My name is Stelios Vasilakis.

Everybody starts from somewhere. So I started by getting my degree in economics and my master's degree in MBA. I dealt a lot with my subject, as a financial consultant, beyond that with event management and ended up dealing with Social Media Management (SMM).

Through this experience from the companies I worked for but also as an expert, I benefited significantly from the correct placement, the strengthening of my online identity and my collaboration with all the social networking tools.

Having acquired this familiarity with social media marketing and seeing the springboard that was for me, I believe that today every business and brand needs to use it.
The main focus of my work is to bring you closer to your customers. Convey your business message to them in the right way. To listen, communicate and understand them, in order to offer them what they want. What they really need!
Being a multitasking, creative and responsible SMM manager with proven experience and many cases, I am ready to take on and form a working strategy for the development of your brand or online business on the most popular social media platforms.
I look forward to working with you and together we can give your business the strategy it deserves!
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